Marketers Take Note: Voice-Controlled Devices Are Changing Consumer Behavior

Alexa – Amazon

Voice-controlled devices are changing life as we know it — and creating new opportunities for both consumers and marketers.

Nearly one in five consumers (19 percent) have made a voice purchase through an Amazon Echo or other voice-controlled device in the past year, and another 33 percent plan to do so in the next year, according to the Walker Sands 2017 Future of Retail study.

On Wednesday, MMW was briefed on the findings of the study.

With nearly half of consumers (46 percent) reporting they prefer to shop online rather than in store, retailers face pressure to offer intuitive, responsive and personalized customer experiences, or risk missing out on sales, the report summary reads.

The introduction of channels such as mobile and voice commerce have created a tipping point, and more than three-quarters of shoppers (77 percent) now think the online customer experience will eventually surpass the brick-and-mortar customer experience.

“In the age of the connected consumer, e-commerce has become about much more than online shopping or the point of sale,” said Dave Parro, partner and vice president at Walker Sands. “The proliferation of technology such as connected home devices, voice ordering and drones have dramatically shifted consumer expectations of retail. Our findings suggest that the in-store experience is not going away, but rather there is a demand for a holistic commerce experience that is consistent, transparent and multi-channel.”

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