Marketers Still Slow to Adopt Mobile

According to a survey conducted by eWayDirect, marketers are slow to adapt to mobile devices and incorporate them into their marketing efforts.

Respondents claimed mobile advertising is a priority for 2013, yet, nearly half said they are not optimizing emails for mobile delivery and viewing.

For many marketers, social media has emerged as a primary channel for profitable customer acquisition, competing with search engine, email, affiliate and online marketing when it comes to attracting new customers who buy.

Email ranked a close second behind social media, yet despite the explosion in consumer mobile connectivity, marketers don’t seem to make the connection between email and the mobile space.

“Marketers clearly need to focus on finding more profitable new customers across all channels—including social and mobile—to grow their business, and we know that efficient, real-time, accurate prospect qualification is the key,” said Neil Rosen, eWayDirect’s CEO.

Rosen says his company’s CertainSource B2C customer acquisition solution was “designed specifically” to address some of these concerns.

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