Marketers Making Hay with Social Data, Unless Resources Restrict Efforts

bigdataUsing social data to connect with potential customers is considered standard operating procedure for marketers today. In fact, more than 50 percent of marketers in the U.S. and Europe now turn to social data to inform business activities.

What about the ones who are not marshaling social data? According to recent research from, which did a survey in partnership with Survey Sampling International, about 23 percent are not in that loop — and “it’s primarily because they just don’t have the time.”

Having the necessary expertise was also cited as an issue. The survey showed that 31 percent of marketers not using social data did not have the technical know-how.

“One way marketers could better manage their social data is through marketing technology tools,” notes eMarketer. “The same study revealed that 44 percent of marketers in Europe and the U.S. aren’t using a social media management platform, compared to 42 percent who do.”

Bottom line, the ability to pursue customer relationship management (CRM) solutions should be on the radar of increasing numbers of marketers. Social sites like Facebook, for instance, are the places where many now seek CRM-related data.