Marketers Gaining More Enterprise-Class Tools for Mobile

Marketers Gaining More Enterprise-Class Tools for MobileWith each passing year, marketers increasingly focused on mobile gain access to newer and more sophisticated tools that enable them to reach current and prospective customers wherever they roam.

To that end, MMW was recently briefed by Taggpoint on the commercial availability of its new Taggpoint Connected Experience Enterprise Platform designed to give marketers “enterprise-class tools” for understanding the performance of their mobile device marketing campaigns.

“As the digital experience that your customers have with your brand moves increasingly away from the PC or laptop toward mobile devices, the need to know user context increases,” Taggpont said in a written statement. “Knowing the location and interests of your customers and tailoring their experience accordingly are critical steps on the road to delivering a Connected Experience.”

Taggpoint says its endpoint management tools allow users to create and manage their mobile device touchpoints with ease in an open and scalable way.

Additionally, advanced reporting tools make it easy to measure, monitor and understand the engagement across one’s mobile device marketing campaign.

“Retailers, marketers and even enterprises are increasingly moving their brands forward with multi-channel engagement solutions, including strategies that embrace mobile devices,” says David Gross of Taggpoint Product Management. “Taggpoint’s unique solution enables companies to meet the mobility challenge head on in media, retail, information transfer and more, and also gain unique insight into their deployments.”