Marketers Are Investing in Technology to Better Understand Consumers

Marketers Are Investing in Technology to Better Understand ConsumersWhat are marketers doing now? Among other things, they’re making technology investments to better understand consumer needs and behaviors.

According to industry experts, technologies that power social marketing, digital commerce, and marketing analytics are currently the highest priorities.

In fact, when Gartner surveyed more than 330 organizations in the UK and North America on their 2015 marketing budgets and 2016 expectations, about 66 percent of respondents said that “social marketing and digital commerce were leading technology investment priorities.”

And according to eMarketer, about 61 percent of marketers said that marketing analytics were a priority and more than half of respondents were prioritizing tech for customer experience and advertising operations.

Why? Because consumers today have high expectations for everything from customer service to personalized omnichannel experiences.

It’s hard to do that without the right technologies.

“To keep up with consumer demand, as well as the maturing technology ecosystem, marketers have been making significant investments in technology,” according to eMarketer. “A September 2015 survey from Forbes Insights and Brainshark revealed that more than half of U.S. executives said they were investing in sales enablement technologies to improve sales productivity.”