Market Track, InfoScout Combine to Link Marketing Activity to Sales Impact in the Omnichannel World

Market Track, LLC — a provider of competitive business intelligence solutions — has joined forces with InfoScout, the first company to capture omnichannel purchase behaviors and attitudes that reflect the fluidity with which consumers shop across retail channels.

What will the new partners do?

The cash and stock purchase of InfoScout by Market Track enables the linking of omnichannel marketing and pricing activity to actual sales results, positioning the combined set of intelligence to “close the loop” for the most complex and top-of-mind challenges facing CMOs today.

“Market Track is accelerating progress toward its vision of delivering best-in-class, unified competitive business intelligence. We have a well-established foundation of providing insight into the marketing mix elements that influence where, when, and how consumers shop. Through partnering with InfoScout, we can link our rich business intelligence and insights with true sales impacts for virtually all categories purchased in-store and online,” said Dennis Moore, Chief Executive Officer, Market Track.

InfoScout maintains America’s largest, most representative shopper panel, monitoring consumer purchase activity across online and brick-and-mortar retail channels. The company collects real-time purchase data across every key consumer category, from consumer electronics to CPG, and enables on-demand access for its clients. Through its purchase triggered surveys, InfoScout has revolutionized how clients combine shopping behaviors with the attitudes that drive them – breaking ground on a new dimension of mission-critical consumer insights. The combined business will enrich clients’ understanding of what influences consumers at every step of their purchase journey.

“The opportunities ahead are exciting for our team, and transformative for our industry,” said Jared Schrieber, Co-Founder and CEO at InfoScout. “Where InfoScout currently provides valuable insights into omnichannel shopping activity, integrations with Market Track will enhance those insights by tying consumer purchases back to the advertising, promotions, and pricing that ultimately influence those consumer choices. To provide the full 360-degree view from points of influence through to actual purchases will be a big win for both legacy InfoScout and current Market Track clients.”