Mark Zuckerberg’s Wedding Dominates Mobile, Social Media News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg can’t keep himself out of the headlines lately.

In addition to Facebook debuting on NASDAQ last Friday and yet another acquisition by his company announced today, there’s no shortage of news coming from Zuckerberg’s world these days.

But the headlines turned personal over the weekend as news surfaced that Zuckerberg married his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

The wedding took place on Saturday.

Zuckerberg announced the news subtly, by updating his Facebook account, which reads: “Mark added a life event to May 19, 2012 on his timeline: Married Priscilla Chan.”

Zuckerberg and Chan also revised their relationship status to reflect that they are now “married.” As if the Facebook revelation wasn’t enough, Zuckerberg’s wedding photo was released to the media shortly after the vows were exchanged.

Following the confirmation of the wedding, social media and mobile news sites quickly propelled news of the nuptials to the top of all headlines, briefly eclipsing the incessant media coverage of Facebook’s record breaking IPO last week.