Marin Software Report Insight: Mobile Ads Moving from Merely Influencing to Converting

Marin Software Report Insight Mobile Ads Moving from Merely Influencing to ConvertingEngagement is great, but nothing warms the cockles of marketer hearts more than conversions. A new Marin Software report shows that is now happening.

In fact, smartphones and tablets now account for 30 percent of conversions on Google and 35 percent of them on Facebook.

As mobile adoption grows, smartphones and tablets are taking more prominent roles in the customer buying journey. A new report by Marin Software, a provider of a leading cross-channel performance advertising cloud, reveals smartphones and tablets comprise about one third of ad conversions on Google and Facebook. The rise in ad conversions on mobile devices suggests consumers are becoming increasingly more comfortable using smartphones and tablets to complete online transactions.

Among the key highlights of the new report are:

  • Mobile devices play a vital role in the purchase decision process. While completing online transactions remains largely a desktop activity, a recent study by Marin Software analyzing the conversion rate of mobile ads suggests smartphones and tablets are increasingly being used by consumers to complete purchases.
  • The mobile conversion trend is consistent across channels, with similar increases recorded for search, social and display ads as consumers engage and complete transactions across the web from their smartphones and tablets.
  • During Q3 2014, Marin Software found more than one out of every three ad conversions on Facebook took place on a mobile device with mobile ad conversions increasing 16 percent quarter-over-quarter. Mobile ads on Facebook accounted for 52 percent of ad impressions and 63 percent of clicks.

Marin Software said it expects consumers to continue to increase their engagement with brands via mobile ads and complete more purchases on their mobile devices.

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