Marin Software Aims to Take Cross-Platform Marketing to a Whole New Level

Marin Software Aims to Take Cross-platform Marketing to a Whole New LevelThese days, cross-platform marketing is playing a larger role in the success of campaigns for businesses both large and small. This includes marketing campaigns designed to deliver a cohesive or complementary message across online, mobile, radio, print, and TV materials.

In an effort to increase the success of cross-platform marketing campaigns, Marin Software has just launched the new Marin Audience Marketing Suite (AMS.)

The unified platform, we’re told, combines the power of search intent with demographic and behavioral buying signals to find and convert marketers’ most profitable audiences.

By fusing data from the once disparate sources of search, social and display, marketers now can synchronously identify and target their highest-value audiences across digital channels and devices.

“Targeting your audience with a relevant message is at the heart of marketing,” says Matt Ackley, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of product at Marin Software. “The tangled online landscape makes it difficult for advertisers to consistently reach, message and measure the customer journey. Marin’s Audience Marketing Suite now makes it possible for digital marketers to identify, create and target their highest-value audiences across channels and devices for maximum conversions.”

To learn more about the new effort, check it out here.