Marchex Report Suggests Cable and Satellite Companies Need to Improve Customization and Service

Connected TV Will Surge by End of 2015 Programmatic Monetization GrowingWho can stem the tide of TV cord cutters? Maybe only the providers themselves.

A new report called “Cable and Satellite Industry Benchmarks for Digital Marketers” by the Marchex Institute suggests that customization is make-or-break for consumers, both “in terms of cable and satellite product offerings as well as the sales process.”

“Marchex Call DNA technology analyzed data from more than one million inbound phone calls placed by consumers to cable and satellite operators in 2016, including five of the top ten operators,” a provided news release explains.

Communications companies, including video, voice, and internet products, are forecast to spend more than $5 billion in digital marketing in 2016, in turn driving millions of inbound sales calls. Phone remain the primary sales channel for cable and satellite operators “due to the high consideration of a purchase that can include a wide range of options and a multi-year contract.”

“While the Internet has undeniably changed the way that we consume media, it’s clear that consumers still value traditional cable television services and communication channels,” said John Busby, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Consumer Insights. “The key for cable and satellite operators is to understand their audiences are looking for increased personalization – both during the sales process and in the end result of a package. This data reveals a significant opportunity for both operators and marketers to attract customers and reduce churn by offering packages and strategies that mirror consumers’ desire for a truly individualized experience across all channels.”

The entire study can be found here.