Many Mobile Marketers Are Still Dropping The Ball

Many Mobile Marketers Are Still Dropping The BallThat which makes a mobile marketing campaign effective is also what makes marketing campaigns of all varieties effective: relevancy.

But, regrettably, when it comes to relevant mobile marketing campaigns, they are too few and far in between.

New research among consumers into mobile marketing communications has revealed that they are not as relevant and useful as brands and retailers might think.

BizReport published an eye-opening report this week on how mobile marketers keep dropping the ball on mobile marketing relevance.

“Nearly half (42%) of consumers in the U.K. feel that none of the marketing communications they receive on their mobile devices are relevant, nor are they useful,” the report reads, citing data from Oxygen8 Group.

“Companies need to rethink their mobile marketing strategies, working harder to identify the needs of each customer and syncing up all channels to get a better picture of their habits and preferences,” says Maria Grant, Head of Product Development at Oxygen8 Group. “Only then will they be able to find the best way to communicate with them and deliver the right message at the right time.”