Making Your Mobile Site Discoverable

A Bango study released this week, revealed that half of the Top 20 most trafficked PC websites (according to Nielsen Online) did not work well when visited from a mobile phone. The study noted that some of the sites that did not work well had a mobile version of their site, but when the study’s users went directly to the computer version of the site they were not directed to the mobile version.

If you have a mobile site then make sure your PC site detects a mobile device and presents the made-for mobile version.

That used to be easier said than done. Fortunately there is a free online file generator which enables webmasters to create a meta.txt file of their site. This file contains all the information necessary to help a visitor to your site get to the right version of your site. The meta.txt file is the brainchild of Visibility Mobile, a mobile search engine optimization firm offering services and tools to brands, search engines and mobile agencies.

To fully understand the meta.txt file and why it is important, you should grab their 7-page white paper, MetaTXT: Solving Mobile Search through Simple Technology. It is easy to read and you will understand exactly how to use the meta.txt file you can generate for your site using their meta.txt online file generator.

Visibility Mobile’s Founder, President and CMO is Bena Roberts. She has fifteen years experience in mobile and has been proactive in mobile search since 2004. She has used her insight into mobile search to conceive and develop early stage Mobile SEO techniques that work. As well as being the President of visibility mobile Bena is also the Editor of GoMo News.