Making Mobile More Convenient: Convenience Network Partners Up to Launch Proximity Marketing for Convenience Stores

Making Mobile More Convenient Convenience Network Partners Up to Launch Proximity Marketing for Convenience StoresThe Convenience Network, owned and operated by The Convenience Network, Inc., one of the leading digital signage network providers to the convenience store industry in the U.S., has moved forward with their strategic partnership with Engage Mobile Media Solutions, the advertising sales arm of Graphic Media and iSIGN Media Solutions.

iSign is a leading provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions that serves advertisers, manufacturers, retailers, and advertising agencies throughout North America.

The partnership will allow TCN and Engage to market a “complete digital signage and mobile advertising solution in the convenience store channel,” utilizing iSIGN’s patented tech and hardware.

Where will it be going? Atlanta, for now.

“The launch of this partnership included installations into the Golden Pantry Convenience Stores (“Golden Pantry”), a 38 location network located in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. Installations began in late January, and were ready for a February launch for contracted advertisers. National brands including Mars, Kellogg’s, and Swisher Sweets are among the advertisers taking part in this digital expansion for TCN,” noted a recent news release.

“Until now TCN has displayed contracted advertisements, weather, news, and sports on digital screens with the purpose of helping store chains promote the sale of products to customers inside the store,” said Steve Newman, the president and CEO of TCN. “The effort has been successful, and we are pleased to expand our services to best serve our convenience store clients.”

Targeting consumers nearby is an added feature.

“We can now deliver point-of-sale advertising to customers at the pumps as well as to the mobile devices of customers as far as 300 feet outside of the storefront,” noted Newman, “generating interest in our advertisers’ products, driving footfall into the stores and ultimately increasing sales.”

Newman says initial response to the addition of proximity-to-mobile advertising is definitely upbeat.

“We expected a positive reaction, but did not quite expect to see such an extraordinary opt-in or acceptance rate by customers,” says Newman, who added that over 50 percent of the people who respond to the “push” request responded favorably and said “yes” to receiving the advertiser messages.

“This strategic partnership is an important expansion of the National Mobile Network,” said Mr. Ron Leman, Engage’s Chief Executive Officer and President. “The forward-thinking and hands-on approach of the Golden Pantry management team helped make the expansion into the Golden Pantry stores a very smooth transition and we expect continued success with their team.”