Majority of Top Global Brands Embracing iOS Apps

According to a new report from Distimo, 88 of the top 100 global brands have thoroughly embraced iOS. And they have all launched at least one iOS app for their companies.

The Interbrand 2012 Best Global Brands report shows that Sony is leading the pack in terms of its advanced iOS App Store presence. All told, Sony can lay claim to some 141 applications.

The most successful brands, however, (something measured by app download volume) are Apple, Disney, Facebook, Google and eBay.

Disney alone has released some 139 apps, closely followed by Samsung Electronics with 117.

Within the past twelve months, Dell, Moet & Chandon, Budweiser, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson and Smirnoff have all launched their first iOS apps.

But according to today’s report, twelve leading global brands continue to avoid the iOS momentum train (for reasons that escape us). They include: Nokia, Research In Motion, Nintendo, Gillette, KFC, Corona, and Jack Daniels.