Majority of IT Managers Lose Sleep Over Mobile Security

Majority of IT Managers Lose Sleep Over Mobile SecurityA new survey from Lookout reveals that two-thirds of IT managers are concerned about mobile security threats, such as malware, data loss and device theft.

Lookout used the occasion of this report’s publication, and understandably so, to launch its comprehensive new business security solution designed to make mobile security and device management easy and accessible to businesses and employees.

“Lookout for Business is the simplest way for businesses to secure all their devices from mobile threats, data loss and device loss,” Lookout says. “This launch marks Lookout’s first move in delivering solutions that help secure and protect mobile devices for businesses of all sizes.”

For most companies, mobile devices are the center of productivity, so protecting them against corporate data loss, malware, spyware, and loss or theft is top of mind for IT executives.

According to data cited in the company’s announcement, 69 percent of IT executives report that they are very concerned about the threat of mobile malware, viruses, and spyware. 60 percent have even experienced lost or stolen phones in the past year.

72 percent agree that there is a gap between current mobile security solutions and the security threats that businesses face today.