Major Mobile Trends Show Global Mobile Industry is Now The Fastest Growing Market in The World

According to the newest data issued by Chetan Sharma Consulting on Thursday, the global mobile industry is now the most “vibrant” and “fastest growing industry” on the planet.

“We expect the total revenue in the industry to touch approximately $1.3 Trillion in 2011 with mobile data representing 24% of the mix,” the consultancy revealed today. “Global Mobile Data revenues are expected to eclipse $300 Billion for the first time in 2011. It is also the first year in which non-messaging data revenues will make up the majority of the overall global data revenues at 53%.”

Where there are dollars, of course, there is data – and lots of it. And with Chetan Sharma saying that data is now on pace to make up 95% of global mobile traffic by 2015, current industry growth and revenue streams may drastically pale in comparison to what we will see in the coming years.

And don’t think smartphones won’t play a major role in the anticipated growth.

In Q1 2011 alone, for example, the US became the first major market to exceed the 50% mark in smartphone sales, Chetan Sharma says. The global figure stands at approximately 26%. Some operators expect 90% of their devices sales to be smartphones by the end of the year.

“In terms of the actual smartphone penetration, we expect the US market to eclipse the 50% mark in 2012,” the report reads.

Additionally, the number of mobile operators with more than $1B in data revenues will increase to 47 in 2011. This number was only at 13 in 2005.

Other mobile trends for 2011 include:

  • Total Global Subscriptions to hit 6 Billion
  • Total Global Mobile Revenues to represent almost 2% of Global GDP
  • Mobile Devices are now exceeding traditional computers in unit sales + revenue
  • Majority of the device sales in the US are now smartphones. Device Replacement is shrinking
  • Mobile Broadband (4G) is being deployed at a faster rate than previous generations
  • Global Mobile Apps revenue has shifted to off-deck
  • All major markets are consolidating with the top 3 players at 85% of the market
  • Connected device segment is growing at the fastest pace
  • Several multi-billion dollar opportunity segments are emerging
  • The value chains will keep disrupting every 12-24 months by the new players and business models
  • Intellectual Property has become a key component of long-term product strategy