Major Mobile Moves: Pyze Launches Enterprise Edition

Pyze, an intelligence and marketing platform, confirmed to MMW this week the launch of Pyze Enterprise Edition.

“The latest version of the Pyze Growth Intelligence platform provides growth automation campaigns, automated segmentation and visual queries, enabling enterprises to influence user behavior across applications, platforms, web, mobile and desktop channels,” the company tells us.

In short, to address the growing frustration with manual data analysis at large enterprises and brands, Pyze is releasing new capabilities that automate cross-app analytics, campaigns and personalization with Pyze Enterprise Edition.

In addition, we’re told that Pyze has added support to its platform to ingest CRM, third-party, and customer data sets for use it in conjunction with data collected from apps and websites for cross-platform automated segmentation, aggregation, analysis and campaigns.

“We’re responding to the growing demand from enterprises and brands for help to solve the big challenges of engaging and retaining users across mobile, web and other channels,” said Prabhjot Singh, co-founder and president of Pyze. “We’ve added significant intelligence capabilities so enterprises can easily utilize our growth intelligence solutions to meet their business goals, regardless of whether they manage a dozen apps and digital properties or thousands.”