Major Mobile Moves: Civicom Marketing Research Launches ThoughtLight

Global market research solutions innovator Civicom Marketing Research Services is launching a dedicated website for its latest qualitative ethnography solution, ThoughtLight.

We’re told that is a centralized portal of information where visitors can learn more about how this mobile qualitative research solution bridges the gap between researcher and participant – with the use of a smartphone, there is less need for expensive and time-consuming travel just for data collection.

“The app has offline accessibility which allows the user to provide feedback even in places where there is limited or no data connection,” the company tells us. “Visitors to the ThoughtLight website will also find a video highlighting various uses of ThoughtLight for insight gathering.”

Launched in late 2016, Civicom’s mobile ethnography solution is a user-friendly app compatible to both Android and iOS.

With ThoughtLight, we’re told that researchers can easily design activities for participants that can include responses with text, photos, audio and video.

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