Macy’s Black Friday Starting Earlier than Ever

Macy’s Black Friday Starting Earlier than EverWith more and more retailers pulling back Black Friday and opening on Thanksgiving to really take advantage of hyped-up shoppers, Macy’s is leading the pack.

They have announced plans open their stores across the country at 6 p.m., Thanksgiving evening. And a digital and mobile marketing blitz heralding the news is now underway.

In case you’re wondering, 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving is a full two hours earlier than Macy’s opened last year and two hours earlier than most other stores will be opening.

This has impacted the entire Thanksgiving and Black Friday schedules of other retailers and shopping centers, especially because most Macy’s stores are located in malls, and in order to accommodate the earlier opening time, many malls will also have to consider opening early.

In response to criticism about the earlier opening, spokespeople for Macy’s have said that their associates like being able to work Thanksgiving evening and take Black Friday off to do their own shopping, and those that work on the holiday make time and a half, which is much better than what those who start work on Black Friday are paid.

In light of Macy’s announcement, some speculate that other mega-retailers will counter by announcing even earlier opening times next year.