m-Wise Launches New Mobile Content Analytics Suite

Well-known mobile content provider m-Wise has launched its new commercial mobile-campaigns analytics suite for obtaining business, mobile marketing, and overall campaign and financial analysis of various mobile content-based services.  

The new suite compliments the extensive m-Wise MOMA data warehouse and legacy reporting suite that already consists of more than 70 report templates and a plethora of reporting options.  The new analytics suite enables quick analysis of mobile content and services advertised by the likes of TV, radio & Internet campaigns, Google AdWords, newspaper ads, billboards and more.

This allows extensive analysis of topics such as conversion rates, billable vs. non-billable users, traffic sources, traffic channels web/WAP/SMS/MMS, traffic quantities, distinct users and subscribers analysis, revenues analysis, purchased content and product analysis, popular content analysis, and pretty much all other information you could ever want.  

The suite from m-Wise goes above and beyond most existing mobile analytical suites in that it provides an effective tool for analyzing the success of mobile services and content instead of just mobile campaigns.  Each of the 18 “graphical analytics reports” offered by the new software suite allows fast filtering of the report by: date range, associated services (such as a mobile content storefront), associated mobile carrier, incoming traffic channels (such as web, WAP, SMS, IVR) and the associated mobile campaign (such as a TV promotion, or web banner).

By understanding which traditional campaigns (such as TV or newspaper ads) are driving the most traffic to mobile content services and mobile-based campaigns, advertisers and content-owners can more effectively manage their overall presence, and better position themselves for success.  With a company like m-Wise, with all its mobile content experience and know-how behind the scenes, the new analytical suite will no-doubt be an integral part of many future mobile campaigns.