“M-Dialog” the New Name For The Next Generation of Communication Tools

Creators of the very popular and wildly successful Text2Store Mobile Marketing Platform have announced the “next generation of communication tools that will enable businesses to connect directly with their target market via cell phone and the web.”

Under the revised name of M-Dialog, the two new offerings build off the Text2Store foundation and provide innovative ways to reach consumers.

According to the announcement, M-Dialog will now allow partners full use and customization of their messaging mobile platform, which will allow companies to bring this patent-pending technology in house, modify it according to their needs, and implement it as part of their retention and/or acquisition efforts.

As an interested onlooker to helpful developments in the mobile marketing realm, it is important to note that this is the first time a technology platform like this one has been made available in this capacity. In addition, M-Dialog promoted the release of their Web2Mobile platform designed with Web 2.0 capabilities and proximity awareness technology (an advancement that allows businesses to hone in on their customers based on interest, preference, and most importantly geographic location)