Lytics Delivers Improved Content Marketing Resources

LyticsOver the past several years, companies have increasingly adopted content marketing – that is, connecting with their customers through the sharing of educational information – versus leading with just a sales pitch.

The challenge is, according to the team at Lytics — a personalized-marketing technology provider — content marketers have not always known which content (blog posts, videos, case studies, how-to documents) performs best with each customer.

In response to the demand for better technology to support the content marketing movement, Lytics has just announced the first Content Affinity Engine.
What is it exactly?

Lytics Content Affinity Engine is a web-based product that uses machine learning to help companies determine which content (blog posts, videos, etc.) is performing well, its features (its topics and imagery) and which customers the content appeals to.

What’s more, Lytics also released Journey Reporting, a dashboard that both visualizes trends in companies’ customer data – how people interact with the companies’ web sites, email marketing, apps, commerce, etc. – and depicts how customers move through the engagement journey.

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