Lyris Debuts Mobile Marketing Solution

Lyris Inc., the online marketing provider, has unveiled Lyris HQ Mobile, a new SMS texting solution that allows marketers to send timely and targeted text communications to opt-in audience.

With the introduction of Lyris HQ Mobile into the Lyris HQ integrated online marketing suite, marketers using this option can now streamline online and mobile marketing campaigns within the same interface, reducing the cost and complexity of managing campaigns, while increasing ROI.

In this economy, marketers need to take full advantage not only of consumers’ busy and active lifestyles but also their cash-strapped means.

Capabilities and features of Lyris HQ Mobile include:

  • The ability to send one-time messages immediately, as well as on a scheduled or recurring basis to specific users
  • The capability to target messages to individuals or groups of subscribers that provide users with exclusive offers, polls or location/event specific coupons
  • Support for a broad range of campaign types including surveys, contests, transactional messages, and promotional copy
  • Dedicated, customizable shortcode or shared shortcode options are available
  • Query and reporting capabilities that provide marketers with insight such as the status of a message, individual response rates and return of messages sent to bad numbers
  • Enforced double opt-in process as required by wireless carriers
  • API-based interface allows easy connection to other applications

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