Luxury Marketers Showing More Faith in Mobile

How do countless leading luxury advertisers view mobile today? According to the findings of an interesting new survey, very favorably.

Last month, Martini Media teamed with iMedia UK to survey scores of marketing professionals in the UK to determine how they are allocating their budgets to connect with consumers, especially those deemed wealthy.

“UK marketers are bullish overall about digital,” summarizes Skip Brand of Media Post. “Seventy-five percent of marketers surveyed believe high impact ads, incorporating video, social and other content, can breakthrough as much as TV and print. These ads can also run across device – and 70% of marketers surveyed are leveraging cross-platform campaigns that can be run across screens.”

Mobile has represented a huge game changer for marketing in the UK, where industry analysts observe the highest-in-the-world adoption rate of tablet computers, for example.

Incredibly, mobile advertising is growing 148% year-over-year in Great Britain. And UK marketers “appear to be heading into a mobile-first strategy.”

In particular, luxury marketers today are investing twice as much as mass market brands on video and rich media.

“High impact ads typically incorporate video, social, and content – all of which will see double-digit increases in investment as noted earlier,” iMedia says of its survey findings. “These ads can also run across devices, making it easier for brands to speak to consumers at all touch points. 70% of marketers are leveraging cross-platform campaigns that can be run across screens.”

To learn more about the survey and its findings, click here.