Losing Excellent Recruits to Mobile Inefficiency? Maybe it’s Time to Get SMART

Losing Excellent Recruits to Mobile inefficiency  Maybe it’s time to get SMARTToday there are millions of people applying for jobs on mobile devices but most recruiters and the companies they work for/with are still ill-prepared to benefit from this fact.

Enter Bayard Advertising Agency, Inc. At the recent HR Tech Conference & Expo, they unveiled their new recruiting platform, nicknamed SMART, which they say will improve recruiting performance on mobile as well as better connect excellent recruits and lower recruitment costs (See more about SMART here).

Eric Holwell, their VP of Client Services & Strategy, believes that today’s applicants are extremely frustrated with tracking systems that don’t work and strategies that don’t take into account the new technologies that are being used to search and find jobs. “We developed SMART because companies lose great candidate in large numbers every day,” he said at the Expo, adding that “the number of people applying for jobs on mobile is not going down, yet so few companies are ready for it.”

Holwell believes that SMART, because of its integrated recruiting strategies platform that includes sophisticated branding techniques, cost saving instruments and a new digital strategy, will both improve the experience that candidates have as well as increase qualified leads that companies receive while lowering their costs and giving them the metrics they need to determine if their strategies are working.

All of which, if it works as well as Holwell and Bayard claim, sounds pretty smart to us.