Lootsie Gets Real with Real-Life Mobile Rewards

Lootsie Gets Real with Real-Life Mobile RewardsLate last week, Lootsie, a loyalty and rewards program that aims to turn in-app achievements into real-life rewards,launched its software development kit (SDK).

The release, we’re told, helps the company move “well beyond boring and ignorable banner ads and pop-ups.”

With the latest SDK, Lootsie says it bridges the real and virtual worlds in a way that effectively and unobtrusively engages users with brands in a developer-friendly way.

“Carefully crafted to enhance the user experience – not detract from it – Lootsie rewards are like credit card ‘thank you’ points for mobile apps,” says Marc Mitchell, chief executive officer of Lootsie. “With Lootsie, we offer a fresh way for advertisers to engage and create loyalty without being annoying, allowing users to gather points from multiple achievements while they continue their app experience with minimal interruption.”

As the SDK becomes widely available, Lootsie is already working with several developers to quickly activate the rewards network, which is already integrated into apps such as Gem Slots.

To learn more about Lootsie or to check out the SDK, click here.