Loopt Teams Up with NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising

NAVTEQ and Loopt are teaming up to bring mobile consumers local coupons to users on the go. NAVTEQ LocationPoint Advertising helps local advertisers target consumers with mobile coupons. Loopt’s mobile social-mapping service allows individuals to user their location to discover who’s around, what to do, and where to go. The partnering with NAVTEQ’s local advertising is yet another sign that mobile advertising and local coupon targeting is picking up speed.

With NAVTEQ LocationPoint, individuals on Loopt looking for nearby friends and a place to meet can view offers from local merchants such as coffee shops and restaurants that match their needs. Locations and special offers are displayed with graphical mobile coupons as well as various calls to action including Click-to-Call, Click-to-Coupon, and Click-to-Route.

“This is one more example that demonstrates the benefits of a full complementary relationship. Combined with NAVTEQ’s advertising services and sales force, Loopt inventory offers marketers relevant, actionable advertising that reaches consumers at the right time and place,”
said Christopher Rothey, vice president market development and advertising for NAVTEQ, in a statement.

Loopt’s services are accessible across all the major U.S. carriers and is supported on over 100 mobile devices. However, the success of this program will largely depend on the sheer number of users in any given area using Loopt. It clearly can be successful in cities where people are often located nearby and may want to meet up to grab a bite to eat.

If Loopt can obtain enough offers in a region, urban, suburban or otherwise, they will need to convince local consumers that the offers are more valuable that what may be available from other local mobile apps, such as the ones available by Yelp and Metromix.