In the Loop: Here’s What’s New with Nuance

This week, MMW was briefed by the team at Nuance Communications, Inc. on their latest launcg — Nuance Loop, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics-powered marketing platform for pre-paid mobile operators that delivers new and incremental revenue streams.

Mobile operators face increasing pressure on traditional revenue sources from competitors, regulation and over-the-top (OTT) providers, making secure, sustainable, significant revenue streams a strategic priority, Nuance tells us in a written statement.

According to a recent telecommunications report from Deloitte, carriers need to transform their revenue opportunity through data and voice services that are high quality, while managing capital allocation, and investing in new technologies and innovations to achieve this.

So what is Nuance rolling out to help this situation?

Nuance Loop gives operators the ability to reduce churn and increase average revenue per user (ARPU) from a common, continuously optimizing service platform. Loop is offered as a managed service under a revenue share model that eliminates CapEx and associated maintenance costs for the operator. Loop may also be integrated with Nuance’s Omni-Channel Engagement Platform for customer acquisition and customer care solutions.

“We’ve seen through the global adoption of our subscriber revenue offerings that mobile operators are in a unique position to drive additional revenues through high-value services that keep subscribers connected, informed, and entertained,” said Bob Schassler, executive vice president and general manager at Nuance Mobile. “As such, we’ve architected Nuance Loop to give service providers the ability to deliver the right marketing and service offers at the right time – increasing their offer conversion and new revenue opportunities, and improving customer loyalty across the pre-paid subscriber base.”

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