Lookout Expands Partnership with T-Mobile to Shore Up Mobile Safety

With security a paramount concern of all mobile users today, Lookout Inc., a well known force in the field of mobile security, says its boosting its commitment to mobile user safety through an expanded partnership with T-Mobile.

On Tuesday, T-Mobile introduced a new feature to enhance Lookout’s antivirus and mobile security service to T-Mobile’s Android customers.

The company says its Lookout app serves as a lifeline for mobile devices, protecting against malware, spyware, data loss and device loss.

Since launching a partnership in 2011, Lookout Mobile Security has been available as a preload on most of T-Mobile’s Android smartphones and tablets.

With Lookout, T-Mobile customers can now pinpoint a missing smartphone or tablet on a Google map and use SCREAM Tones, a new feature that sounds a loud noise, to help identify a lost device nearby. T-Mobile customers can choose from six tones of animated sounds, including wolf howl, train whistle, euro siren, beam me up, the T-Mobile jingle, and Lookout’s original siren, to help locate a lost phone or tablet.

“Smartphones and tablets are our most personal devices and as consumers store more information on them, there’s an elevated interest to protect them,” said Torrie Dorrell, vice president of application, content and games at T-Mobile USA. “Lookout is a great fit for T-Mobile because the app is powerful yet easy to use, and it gives our customers protection across a range of mobile security threats.”