Location Savvy Digital Ads Prompt ‘Immediate ROI’

Location Savvy Digital Ads Prompt ‘Immediate ROI’Rocket Fuel, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) advertising and marketing solutions for global marketers and brands, has announced its release of “Local Lift” in the U.S.

The offering, we’re told, helps advertisers run successful mobile campaigns to drive increased in-store traffic.

The testimonials are already coming in.

“We engaged Rocket Fuel to increase foot traffic and the purchase frequency of Dr Pepper at more than 1,000 grocery store locations,” said Sheila Bonner, Vice President of Shopper Marketing at Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.

“Rocket Fuel succeeded in driving 213,000 store visits at a cost of only $0.21 per visit,” Bonner explains. “And, as a part of the broader promotional effort, we introduced 25,000 new households to Dr Pepper products. This was our first foray into using Local Lift as an in-store purchase-intent driver, and Rocket Fuel went well beyond our expectations and those of our retail partner.”

Measuring impact is part of the plan.

As part of the launch, Rocket Fuel says it teamed up with Placed to enable advertisers to measure the direct impact of mobile ad spend in “driving real-world actions.”

“As measured by Placed Attribution, Rocket Fuel’s geotargeted campaigns average lift rate was 41.34 percent in 2014,” the company said in a recent news release.

According to company data, Rocket Fuel has driven a $0.57 average cost per store visit for brick and mortars, “meaning that retailers can recoup their marketing investment during the consumer’s first visit, realizing immediate positive ROI.”

The bottom line? Location savvy digital ads prompt ‘immediate ROI.’

“Location data availability is growing: Rocket Fuel sees lat/long on 40 percent of bid requests in the U.S. Advertisers that leverage location-specific Rich Media units, like Tap-to-Locate, which deliver a customized map of the closest advertised locations, are experiencing even greater campaign success,” the company says.