Location Labs Announces Acquisition of Mobile Development Platform Wirkle & Group Messaging Provider Volly

It was announced today that mobile location-based infrastructure provider Location Labs has acquired two companies — mobile development platform Wirkle and group messaging provider Volly.

Location Labs has largely been known to provide an underlying location-based infrastructure for mobile apps, but has recently transitioned into a provider of specialized location-based services for niches such as family safety and safe driving. ┬áBoth Wirkle with its development platform and Volly with its group mobile messaging solution fit nicely with Location Labs’s future plans, making both acquisitions timely and relevant for the company.

It seems Location Labs was also interested in the talent associated with these startups, with the company saying new engineers and product managers acquired through Wirkle and Volly will be focused on “strengthening investment in its Safely suit of services — which includes services to allow parents to keep tabs on their children, as well as other family and driving safety programs.

“We looked at many different mobile companies and were extremely impressed by the talents and mobile expertise of Wirkle and Volly. ┬áThese acquisitions of IP, products, and team signify a milestone for Location Labs as we accelerate our growth in the mobile personal security space.”