Location Data Driving Marketers Loco

It’s powerful but it can be painful — especially for marketers that can’t leverage it or understand it.

We’re speaking, of course, about location data. And eMarketer is out with a new report probing the headaches and challenges surrounding the use of location data.

While location data can be extremely helpful to marketers in connecting with their audience, the latest insight from Forrester Consulting (commissioned by Verve), shows that marketers are still struggling to grasp and capitalize on location data.

“A third of digital marketers in North America polled in March 2017 said that understanding how to use location to deliver relevant mobile ads was one of the leading challenges their organization faced,” eMarketer reports. “Inaccurate location data was another key challenge mentioned by almost as many respondents. And the list goes on.”

“Many marketers also felt there was a lack of clarity on what third-party vendors for location data are out there, and some found it difficult to combine mobile location with other customer data.”

If you’re among those for whom location data remains a source of frustration and mystery, check out the eMarketer report in full here.