Location Based Mobile Marketing: What You Need to Know

Ask any veteran of the mobile marketing industry what’s the hottest trend in the practice today and you’re bound to find the answer pointing back to one location — location itself, as in location based mobile marketing.

According to a new BI Intelligence report, location-based mobile marketing “promises the sky” on everything from high conversion rates and surgical targeting, to rich consumer profiles.

Unlike flash-in-the-pan mobile marketing concepts that often fizzle before they sizzle, companies are rushing to location-based mobile marketing service providers because they have repeatedly proven effective across myriad case studies.

“Location is the new cookie,” BI reports. “Collecting data has always been difficult because mobile does not support third-party cookies that travel easily across the ecosystem, allowing for straightforward tracking and data-gathering. That’s where location-based mobile technology comes in. It gives marketers new ways to identify and track mobile audiences, and with the aid of algorithms, it can also group them into behavioral and demographic segments for targeting.”

A recent survey of 400 brand executives by Balihoo found that 91% planned to increase their investments in location-based marketing campaigns in 2013. Finally, a study by Berg Insight found that location-enabled ad spend reached about 8% of total mobile ad spend for 2012. This proportion is expected to increase to 33% by 2017.

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