Localytics to Introduce ‘Predictive App Marketing’

Localytics to Introduce 'Predictive App Marketing'Localytics, a platform for app marketing and analytics, reached out to MMW Wednesday to announce that it has raised $35 million in Series D funding, bringing its total investment to-date to $60 million.

The new funds, we’re told, will be used “to strengthen Localytics’ predictive intelligence capabilities, which enable customers to truly personalize the user experience and improve engagement and retention in their mobile and web apps.”

So what’s next for Localytics? The company will introduce “powerful predictive app marketing” to help customers leverage user data to predict and proactively engage customers at all stages of the customer journey.

Using machine learning to extract richer insights from its analytics engine will enable Localytics to predict a user’s likely next move and how to influence the desired action, giving marketers the ability to further enhance personalization.

It goes without saying that enthusiasm for the effort is tangible.

Jeanniey Mullen, Vice President of Marketing at NOOK, says “The ability to leverage real-time user data is a game changer for app publishers. It significantly improves our attribution ability and enables us to enhance the user’s experience. Ultimately, success is driven by the ability to personalize app users’ experiences. There’s real value for businesses when a single platform can bring all of this together in one place.”