Local Search Marketing Leader Launches Brand Optimization Service

Local Search Marketing Leader Launches Brand Optimization ServiceBusinessCreator, Inc. — a provider of local search marketing across mobile and social, is lifting the veil on what’s new.

The company tells us that they’re launching Brand Optimization, a service to expand a business’s online visibility.

According to BusinessCreator, Inc. President Edward Kundahl, the Brand Optimization service will be available for purchase immediately.
“The Brand Optimization service is designed to remove the barriers to online success,” said Kundahl. “Many brands today have great potential but are stalled by growth hindrances such as lack of data-driven online marketing insights, lack of visibility, and tough competition. In order reach out to more potential customers and increase your sales, your brand has to be optimized online. You need to boost your visibility, gain more search and social traffic, and seize online exposure opportunities.”

Want to know more? Check out the Brand Optimization service here.