Local Mobile Advertising Sees Continued Growth and Adoption, Finds Verve Wireless Report

The local mobile ad experts at Verve Wireless have published their quarterly Local Mobile Index. And the findings are both impressive and in line with expectations about the continued growth in overall local advertising spending in mobile from the previous quarter.

Verve’s Q1 Local Mobile Index “seems to substantiate recent analysts’ forecasts calling for US Mobile Local Ad Revenues to Grow From $404 Million in 2010 to $2.8 Billion in 2015,” the report suggests.

Verve defines local advertising spends as small and medium businesses purchasing mobile media within their respective markets. It does not include national advertisers spending in specific local markets, which Verve instead classifies as national advertising.

Verve points to the following achievements as prime examples of the growth referenced:

  • Automotive was the top category with 28% of local mobile ad spends
  • St. Louis was the leading emerging metro area for local campaigns
  • Wednesday is the biggest day for local content consumption on mobile
  • Local display ads on Android platforms performed 52% better than on Apple’s iPhone

“Even we were surprised by the substantial increase in local ad spends,” states Greg Hallinan, Chief Marketing Officer for Verve, “we expected growth, but an 82% increase really demonstrates how fast local ad dollars are shifting to mobile. In some respects, ‘Main St.’ is moving faster than ‘Madison Ave.’ into mobile advertising.”

To read the full report from Verve, click here.