Local Mobile Advertising Network xAD Announces Acquisition Of Go2 Media

xAD, a relatively new startup that bills itself the “largest mobile local ad network,” today announced the acquisition of Go2 Media, one of the top five mobile web guides, classifieds and local directories.

More specifically, xAD has purchased the direct-to-consumer business as well as the mobile web properties, brands and search sites of Go2 Media.  With it, xAD will gain the consumer-facing content and traffic of go2 Media, which expands its reach to millions of new users.

“Based on our ability to monetize local traffic, contribution from the go2 property will grow significantly overnight,” said Dipanshu “D” Sharma, CEO of xAD. “We have consistently increased our publisher’s revenue with our ad quality scoring technology and the fact that we are the largest ad network. We expect the go2 consumer properties to experience a positive spike.”

xAD specializes in “bringing scale, targeting and relevance to mobile for local advertisers,” according to the company.  Put simply, the company allows local advertisers to reach hundreds of mobile apps, mobile sites, voice directory services and millions of mobile consumers with one campaign.  Its acquisition of Go2 Media is significant as it boosts the consumer reach for its advertiser base significantly.  xAD is already the largest local mobile advertising network, with more than one million local and national advertisers. With this deal, xAD gains a greater mobile audience with prime on-deck placement of its content across all major U.S. wireless carriers.