LiveBridge Makes Print Ads Pop on Mobile

LiveBridge Makes Print Ads Pop on MobileU.K.-based LiveBridge has announced the extension of its platform  to publishers’ news apps.

The company is encouraging those behind print adds to push their ads ot mobile devices, which LiveBridge now makes possible.

LiveBridge utilizes content recognition software to make print advertising interactive on smart-phones and tablets, enabling advertisers to interact with customers, and providing publishers with an advertising differentiator to drive a premium in print advertising rates.

LiveBridge is available as an extension to publishers’ existing news apps on iOS or Android.

“Unlike other Print engagement software, LiveBridge is a complete solution ready now, geared for providing publishers with premium on print advertising, with easy to use backend campaigns building software and consumers loyalty schemes,” the company says.

LiveBridge says it brings an entertainment edge to ad campaigns by making any print ad interactive with games, quizzes, and videos and rewarding users afterwards for their participation with redeemed points.