Linkio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Mobile Home Automation Device

Linkio Launches Kickstarter Campaign for New Mobile Home Automation DeviceCould your mobile phone control your home? Maybe so, if Linkio founder Thibault Honegger has anything to say about it.

Honegger has launched a crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter to raise money for a new home automation system that would allow any electronic device in a home to be controlled by a consumer’s mobile phone.

The Linkio system branches out from “Le Hub,” which speaks to “Le Remote,” “Le Plug,” and “Le Switch.”

“The main component, Le Hub, links the consumer’s mobile phone and their connected electronics and appliances,” according to the company. “Le Plug includes three international inserts and enables any device it’s plugged into to be controlled, or switched on and off, by the app. For example, a hair straightener that was accidentally left on can be turned off from anywhere using the app. Le Switch is designed to replace mechanical wall switches- it allows lights and ceiling fans to be controlled manually and by the app.”

Honegger and team believe Linkio could allow people to access home automation in a pretty inexpensive and easily mastered way. Unlike an inclusive Smart Home ecosystem, it would allow even lower-tech consumers to control their electronic devices from locations away from home.

“Last year, my colleague would often have to travel home because he or his wife would forget to turn off electronics and appliances such as a hair straightener or the oven,” said Honegger. “Linkio is for the consumer who wants to control the everyday items they already own and not have to purchase multiple smart home devices. We’re not concerned with competing, or keeping up, with the large technology companies- at Linkio, we’ve found our niche and that is helping people make small, inexpensive changes have a serious impact on their daily lives.”

Linkio has a lower price point — much less than other automation systems — and components can be added and used individually.

Another selling point is that Linkio is an independent system which requires no monthly fee or server dependency. Additionally, Linkio is mobile-flexible: if a consumer moves into a new home, the system still works.

“Consumers will be able to check the status of every product connected to Linkio via the Smartphone app- this means no longer worrying about whether or not the hair straightener is turned off,” the company boasts. “Linkio also allows users to set up “scenarios” or scheduled actions. For example, parents can ensure kids get their homework done by having all electronics shut off during study time- without ever being present in the house.”

The Linkio Kickstarter campaign is now up and running. To learn more or to preorder the device, visit the campaign page here.