Linkable Networks Boosts Mobile Advertising Functionality

Linkable Networks Boosts Mobile Advertising FunctionalityMMW learned Thursday that Linkable Networks, a well-established force in card-linked technology, has secured a new partnership with 4INFO, an advanced mobile advertising technology company.

According to an announcement from the new mobile partners, the coupling will allow consumers to access to card’s linked offers via their mobile device, removing the hassle of paper coupons from retailers and ensuring brands have targeted and precise measurement of their ad spend dollars.

The partnership between Linkable Networks and 4INFO brings to the market a “comprehensive couponing solution.”

4INFO, for example, says it can specifically target ads to mobile devices using reliable, industry-accepted purchase and lifestyle data or a retailer’s own customer data. Consumers are able to tap on a banner ad, “link” the Linkable offer to their registered card, making the offer immediately available.

From there, Linkable Networks delivers metrics on where customers redeem coupons, what they purchase and how much they spend.

“Mobile couponing is where the industry is headed, yet no one has come up with a user friendly universal solution, until now,” explains Tom Burgess, CEO of Linkable Networks. “Our partnership with 4INFO is the perfect marriage of technologies keeping in mind consumers, advertiser and financial institutions. 4INFO delivers the right ad to the right consumer at the right time. A consumer simply has to tap on the banner ad, link the offer, purchase the item and the coupon will be redeemed when the purchase is made.”