LG’s Loss is Apple’s Gain in Talent Switch

Although Apple has shed more than a few top executives in the last year as the result of resignation or termination, the world’s most profitable company still knows a thing or two about quality talent procurement.

Case in point: Apple has hired (probably more like poached, in all actuality) a talented though not well-known member of the LG family.

Dr. Lee Jeung-jil, a recognized OLED expert according to published reports, has joined the team at Apple following a distinguished career at LG Display, where he was involved with printing technology research.

Dr. Lee’s previous employee (before LGD) was Cambridge Display Technology, the P-OLED pioneer (now owned by Sumitomo).

For Apple, the latest talent “procurement” speaks not only to the company’s ability to attract talent, but also to what the Mac-maker may be working on in Cupertino, California.

In other words, industry analysts are no longer wondering if Apple will finally releaseĀ  an OLED iOS product. Now, it’s simply a matter of when.