LG Launches Mobile Marketing Campaign for Avatar

LG is partnering with Twentieth Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment to create an elaborate marketing campaign teeming with mobile components to help promote the much-hyped upcoming release of Avatar.

Naturally, a high-gloss, CGI-intense adventure flick like Avatar warrants a similarly high-tech promotional campaign, and that’s exactly what LG is promising to deliver in time for the film’s premiere.

In addition to a number of visually striking television ads, LG is also introducing an interactive micro site, www.lgexpo.com, which includes exclusive movie content and a wide variety of digital offerings from the movie, which opens December 18th.

Avatar, with its unique story brought to life by Titanic director James Cameron, involves human “drivers” who have their consciousness projected onto an avatar, which is a remotely-controlled biological body capable of surviving in an alien world.

Similarly, LG Mobile Phones are aiming to give users their own Avatar-like experience through what the company calls “the advanced projection capabilities of LG eXpo, which allows users to digitally project their own images, videos, and documents – anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.”

“Avatar was created using a revolutionary technology with a new generation of special effects to tell this story,” says Cameron. “To be supported by a brand such as LG Mobile Phones, which continually strives to push technological boundaries, provided additional reinforcement for this endeavor.”