LG Goes Mobile with “Iron Man 2”

LG Goes Mobile with Iron Man 2“Iron Man 2” is poised to become one of the biggest blockbusters of 2010. But to help ensure it garners enough hype and attention to open strong and dominate the box office, Marvel Studios is tapping into the mobile channel to shore up the flick’s chances of being the lead summer blockbuster.

LG Electronics is teaming with Marvel to roll out an elaborate marketing campaign ahead of the film’s May 7th release.

The essence of the LG “Iron Man 2” advertising campaign is rooted in the following tag line: “Is it a lifesaver…a smartphone, or something better?”

What does that mean exactly? LG says the emphasis of the campaign will focus on how innovation can help bring people together and “make everybody a Super Hero.” In the process, LG will draw particularly close attention to its first Android-powered smartphone, the LG Ally.

From in-store promotions at select Best Buy outlets to a movie-themed micro site, www.lgim2.com (that happens to include an online film-themed game with built-in Augmented Reality experiences and text-to-win consumer sweepstakes), LG is playing a substantial role in the overall marketing strategy behind “Iron Man 2.”

“LG and Marvel have come together once again to empower audiences with a thrilling account of technology and its endless possibilities,” said Ehtisham Rabbani, VP of marketing and innovation at LG. “Allowing LG to display its innovation expertise and most advanced devices, Iron Man 2 is the perfect fit for LG’s sophisticated handsets and smart products.”