Lexus Serious About Mobile, Conducts A Year Of Research

Auto companies have slowly been gearing up towards mobile over the past few years, with many seeing huge benefits from their efforts.  Lexus has finally thrown their hat into the ring, but not without intense research on mobile practices and how it relates to the consumer experience.

Lexus is the first and only car company to participate in a consumer research study lab with the sole aim of understanding and implementing the best mobile-based communications for Lexus guests before attempting to create their mobile campaign.  The lab began earlier this year and involved in-depth consumer research studies as well as a comprehensive analysis of mobile marketing as a whole.  Upon completion of the campaign and the lab, Lexus hopes to use the subsequent results to become more accessible to its Lexus guests.

While we’ve heard of car companies like Land Rover and Audi using the iPhone platform to promote their brands and new models using an iPhone app and other methods, this is the first time a car company has gone so in-depth as to participate in consumer research to fully understand the benefits of mobile marketing as a whole, and how to use it to effectively.