Let the Games Begin! iPhone Gaming Continues to Drive the Mobile Web’s Popularity

I’ve often been spotted professing to coworkers and strangers alike that my iPhone is a tremendous aid to my work and an expedient tool for a variety of business functions. While such proclamations are actually true, my closest friends will also tell you that my iPhone is first and foremost a gaming outlet that occasionally trumps the big boy gaming consoles in my home office.

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot from mobile marketers about their intention to incorporate “gaming elements” into future mobile marketing campaigns. Based on the information released this week from Cellufun, “the world’s mobile playground,” it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one who uses the iPhone for work and play… but mostly play.

According to Cellufun, which offers free, “highly engaging games” for the iPhone to more than five million unique monthly users and serves over seventy million pageviews per month, the average iPhone user views four times as many pages per visit than other users!
“Everyone talks about how iPhone users over-index on web browsing and other online activities,” said Keith Katz, VP of Marketing at Cellufun. “This is true at Cellufun as well, but the scale is what’s really extraordinary. The average Cellufun user views 15 pages per visit-already an impressive number considering the industry average is around 4-but the average iPhone user views an almost unheard of 65 pages per visit. And iPhone users are spending nearly 21 minutes per gameplay session, versus our average of 11 minutes. Clearly these people are comfortable exploring the web on their mobile devices at unprecedented levels.”

If anything, this story told us two things we already knew. First, we mobile phone lovers like our games. And second, the mobile web has brought us closer to the games we love to play. However, it will be fascinating to see which direction mobile marketers take in creating gaming applications that serve to subtly advertise unrelated products and services. There’s no doubt in this blogger’s mind that we’re gearing up to see a flood of new games coming from major mobile ad firms in the months and years to come.

Your thoughts, please.