Lenovo Set to Disrupt Smartphone Industry Status Quo

Lenovo Set to Disrupt Smartphone Industry Status QuoThe team at Strategy Analytics has been looking into Lenovo’s pending acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Google. And what they found is significant.

According to the research shared this week, Lenono is set to shake up the very comfortable status quo of the smartphone industry. The merger, we’re told, could have a significant disruptive impact on the mobile market.

“Using a proprietary methodology to measure disruption developed by the firm’s Strategic Competitor Intelligence (SCI) program, the disruptive measure earned a score of 87 in one key category, indicating a level of potential disruption categorized in the ‘Hurricane’ range, a classification reserved for events that present a serious potential disruptive impact to the market,” the report summary reads. “SCI’s methodology measures disruption on six dimensions, including User Proposition, Business Model, Geography, Technology, Partners, and Finance, and scores them on three dimensions including hardware, software, and ecosystem.”

Richard Guppy, SCI Executive Director, says Lenovo might be seen as just another smartphone vendor among many operating mainly or totally in the Chinese market – but it grew from a similar position in PCs, using IBM’s ‘Think’ brand to help take the world number one PC position recently.

“I believe Lenovo is using that know-how to try a similar move in smartphones, with a potentially huge impact on market share and margins at a time when most vendors are already struggling for margin,” Guppy asserts.

The Disruptive Alert argues that there are different phases in consumer electronics markets, and the current phase of the Android market is “perfect for Lenovo to make its late, accelerated entry, leveraging the Motorola acquisition.”