Lenco Now Certified For MMS, Recent Campaign Sees 90% Open Rate, 15% Conv.

Lenco Mobile today announced plans for its continued global expansion; detailing successful recent campaigns in Australia and South Africa, as well as MMS certification in the US with Verizon Wireless.

The company plans to make a major push in mobile messaging in the US, with an emphasis on rich media MMS-based mobile advertising solutions.  The company partnered with OpenMarket to access all of the major carriers in the United States and was given approval to commercially launch its services just last week.  “We have a number of new clients who are all on standby to use our services and now that we have connectivity, we expect to build a significant MMS messaging business in the U.S. market,” said Michael Levinsohn CEO and President of Lenco Mobile Inc.

To show off its success in MMS, the company detailed a recent campaign for a wireless operator in Australia to promote the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  The campaign delivered the highest returns ever seen by any of the provider’s wireless carrier clients, with 87.5% of the MMS messages opened and a 15% conversion rate to pre-launch the product on the carrier’s mobile site.  “This is a perfect example of a successful, integrated mobile marketing campaign using MMS messaging.” Levinsohn added.  “Australia is becoming a great new market for us and we are now starting to see positive financial returns from the region as well.”

We don’t hear much regarding MMS-based marketing these days, which is why this caught my eye.  We hear a lot about SMS and its simplicity and far-reaching attributes, in addition to rich media mobile campaigns being highly sought after, but there’s never mention of MMS bringing both concepts together.