Leanplum Ready to Dominate Mobile Marketing in 2017

mobilemarketingLeanplum announced ahead of the weekend that it has closed 2016 by achieving a number of significant growth milestones and continues to receive industry accolades for its senior executives.

All told, the company now exceeds 100 employees with offices in San Francisco, Sofia (Bulgaria), London, and New York.

Entering the New Year, Leanplum’s mobile marketing platform is now managing 10 billion daily user interactions, representing a remarkable 10x year-over-year growth from December 2015.

From Thursday’s announcement:

During 2016, customers using Leanplum’s platform sent more than 33 billion push notifications. This dramatic growth in customer momentum has resulted in annual revenue increases of 3x in each of the past two years. Leanplum recently achieved this same level of growth for a third straight year.

“Leanplum’s messaging solution helps us increase the number of users who complete the app sign-up process, which is a critical conversion for Hinge,” said Sam Levy, Vice President of Growth at Hinge, a popular dating app. “Above and beyond that, Leanplum’s hold back capability computes net new registrations with accurate attribution to the right campaign, giving us confidence the right activity is paying off. One of the push messaging campaigns we optimized led to a 78% increase in the number of users that completed registration after having dropped out of the sign-up flow.”