Leanplum Leaps Forward with ‘Leanplum Marketing Automation’

Leanplum Leaps Forward with ‘Leanplum Marketing Automation’Leanplum recently shared with MMW the details of its latest launch — Leanplum Marketing Automation.

What we have here is a new mobile messaging product that enables mobile companies to better engage and re-market to their users and increase revenue. It comes fully integrated with the company’s existing content management, mobile A/B testing, and analytics solution, and is currently available for iOS and Android.

Leanplum Marketing Automation is billed as being an easy-to-use dashboard where marketers can create, automate, test, and send marketing, in-app, and push messages without having to touch the code.

Mobile teams can be up and running in as little as 90 seconds and changes to the app can be made without additional coding or recompiling.

“For the first time, marketers are able to specify in-app events that trigger personalized native in-app messages and push notifications,” says Leanplum CEO Momchil Kyurkchiev. “We listened to customers who wanted to re-engage abandoned users or schedule and promote special events and personalized offers. We’re excited to be offering such a powerful solution that enables marketers to have this high level of functionality that maximizes user engagement and loyalty.”

To learn more, check out Leanplum’s official website here.