Leaked Video Claims to Reveal Plastic iPhone 5S

Leaked Video Claims to Reveal Plastic iPhone 5SA new video allegedly presenting a detailed look at the forthcoming plastic iPhone 5S case has gone viral.

Michael Kukielka, also known as “DetroitBorg” across the blogosphere, shared a new video this week that shows off the all-plastic design of the supposed next-gen iPhone.

If the video and its contents are legitimate, it’s perhaps the best evidence yet that Apple is moving away from glass and metal for the construction of this particular model.

Comparing the plastic iPhone to various elements of design observed across iPod touch and iPhone models dating back to the 3GS, Kukielka highlights the plastic case in a way that suggests Apple has somehow amalgamated several aspects of design from past iOS devices.

What wasn’t made perfectly clear, however, is how the makers of the video actually obtained the “plastic-edition” of this rumored next-gen iPhone.

Check out the video below.